This service is second to none with customer service, variety and price. They are reasonable in price, friendly and have a tons of selection.

Lashalla Haskins

Love the company and the people here. Delivery is always on time and the drivers are always pleasant. Rebecca is the best, super pleasant! Can’t beat the prices

Tucker Pulliam

Absolutely love this place. Thank you James for bringing my goodie today! They have the best prices 1st and for most. They have a great selection of Shrooms.

Steve Cruz

WOW! Eduardo was nice guy and he was here with in minutes of hanging up phone from your dispatch center. Well done! Now I’m sampling a magic mushroom (typing with one finger on left hand – I’m right handed!) So, so far so good! Prices look very good here as well 😊

Moses Havel

Delivery was fast, service was awesome! Jessica got here really quick! Def gonna keep coming back.

Jonathan Sandoval

Wonderful delivery service. Speedy, punctual, professional and the order is correct every time. Shrooms Delivery is my go-to for magic mushroom products. Check em’ out!

Blue Meanie

Friendly and helpful customer service! The website is easy to navigate and easy to get a hold of over the phone. This is my favorite Delivery service! I honestly loathe when I have to go anywhere else.

Mildreth Rodriguez

They were on time with my order and was very polite. Have not used a delivery service before and this was a very good first experience for me! I would definitely recommend them!

Ryan Cox

“Shrooms Delivery did a great job and finding the location and being prompt with delivery. Stuff was gas too for the price. 👌

John C.

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We pride ourselves on sourcing some of the best psilocybin products. We offer everything from dried magic mushrooms and Edibles. Whether you’re going for a magic mushroom experience or taking a larger dose journey, always make sure to consult with friends and make sure you are in the right headspace!
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